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Meet the Photo Lesk Team


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Eyal  AKA Lesk

Our main photographer & editor

As most photographers (we think), Eyal isn't one to be in front of the camera and prefers to be the one taking the photos instead of being photographed. 

Eyal has a real passion for photography, and takes pride in bringing a unique touch to his work.

He has been a photographer for 14 years now, first working alongside his day job as a lawyer in his native country where he gained experience in weddings, studio work and street art. He decided to follow his heart and turn his love of photography into a full-time career in 2010, and launched the business in Tiverton, Devon after relocating here in mid-2013.

Outside of work he enjoys traveling with his wife and their four dogs in the beautiful English countryside. He is a pizza lover, basketball player (although always complaining about the lack of basketball facilities around here) and a sci-fi fan!  

When you choose Photo-Lesk you are choosing a photographer who shoots outside of the box and ensures there’s always a stress-free, fun environment whether that’s in studio, on location or your business.  






You probably won’t see Shani in the shop on a day-to-day basis…That’s because she has her own personal training business. She is also Eyal’s other half:)

She is an animal fanatic and loves travelling!

If you do fancy some personal training sessions, please visit: