Wedding Season in Devon - How to choose your wedding photographer

Your big day and your photographer- what to look for

Yes, it has arrived, wedding season is upon us and just before booking your photographer for your big day, here are a few suggestions and stuff to think about ..

Wedding photographer in Deovn


  • Get to know your wedding photographer; look at their website and their photos, get a general feel for their style.


  • Very important : Make sure to make a bit of time to meet your photographer before booking if possible. This will enable you to know what they’re about as well as build a good report with them and most importantly: agree on what you are looking for and making sure expectations are met.

  • Make sure you sign a contract/agreement, and that the photographers commitments are written down as well.

  • Make sure you agree and understand what you can do with the photos after your wedding - some wedding photographers will give you unlimited prints licence, some won't - just make sure you know which one is which and that you are comfortable with it.

  • Make sure you know what you get in your wedding package - adding albums and prints after the weeding is usually more expensive than doing it before.

  •  Arrange with your photographer the best time to do the family photos so that no one will be left out of them.

  •  It is YOUR day, relax and enjoy it!