Photography Courses

House of photography - all under one roof at your disposal...

We offer a range of photography courses and workshops to suit an array of preferences; On a one-to-one basis or in a group setting - here you will find what you are looking for. Get your camera ready... All left to do is choose your preferred setting and let us know about it...

Why learn photography at Photo Lesk?

  • Quality of learning - The course is held in small groups in order to ensure you have the best learning experience and that your needs are met fully.

  • Don't bring a notebook - We will send you a summery of each session so all you have to do during the sessions is to listen & enjoy yourself :)

  • Let's interact - In order to focus on involvement and support during the course, a private Facebook group is opened per course to offer students a chance to share and comment on photos they take, as well as to upload homework from previous sessions with feedbacks from the instructor and other participants.

  • Mentoring on cameras - Do you have a great camera and you want to know how to control it? We will go over it with you personally on your camera and explain how to operate it.

  • Free Advice - thinking about upgrades? want to buy a new camera or lens? we will give you free advice so you can be sure you have made the right decision.

  • Continuity - a wide range of advanced courses are planned and will be **Available to our graduates of the Basic Photography Course with a 10% discount for all advanced courses.

**Courses to be open in the future, depending on availability and demand.

I had my last lesson yesterday for the Basic Photography course. It was great fun meeting Eyal Lesk and his team. it was a wonderful, inspiring course, Eyal Lesk is very knowledgeable and passionate about photography which comes across at every lesson. I would definitely recommend this course for the beginner (like me) and for people who want to develop their skills further.
— (N.S)
Thanks for a great course. Really enjoyed it and learnt so much. Look forward to the next one :))
— (L.R)

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Day Out Photography Workshop- Exmoor (valley of the rocks)

Come join us for an amazing photography day out workshop! 6 hour long day including complimentary coffee/tea and biscuits and a fabulous brunch of your choosing. £65 per person . Next date: Sunday June 9th meeting 7am!


Basic Photography Course

Looking for a photography course in Devon? You came to the right place!

This course is intended for beginners , amateurs or for those of you who bought a camera and don't know what to do with it...


Advance Photography Course

Already knows the basics of photography? Looking for an advance photography course in Devon? You came to the right place!


1 on 1 Photography Course

Photography/ Photo Editing/ General Computers Activities. Set at your own pace and learn only what you want at your own time.