How we make your canvases?

Ever wondered how your canvas prints are stretched in our workshop? here is a short movie for you to have a look at…

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How we make your canvas at Photo Lesk Ever wondered how we make your canvas print? well now we share a video about - enjoy :)

RAID Backup System - what is it and why is it good for you?

Hi there, ever wondered what is a RAID system and why everyone is talking about it? here is a short video about RAID system - what it is basically and how it can help you.

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New option for the young book album

Crystal Glance - Young Book

New to Photo Lesk - Our highly acclaimed wedding album - the Young Book is getting a face lift with a new cover  - the Crystal Glance:

In this new generation of acrylic covers, the highest technologies provide smooth, pure, crystal like materials to offer extraordinary options.
The back and spine are, by default, in black leatherette, which can be upgraded by choosing among an extraordinary selection of materials and colours.
To the classic leather, Nappa or Distressed, now available in new shades, we have now added new exciting options directly borrowed from the fashion industry: Suede, Suede Paint, Woven and Maple. This combination of textures, consistencies, chromaticism that will contributes to even more precious and exclusive results.

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