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Bride & Grooms hands with rings

I am not here to control your wedding - just to document it

A fly on the wall - that is my objective. I want you & your guests to enjoy your wedding day. So I will try as much as possible not to intrude whilst still take amazing photos so you could cherish forever.

My philosophy in wedding photography is that the photographer should document the wedding that happened, not create "fake" moments. That being said, of course we will do some group photos and bride & groom photos, but they will not be a huge part of the day, I will try to make them as quick as possible so you & your guests could go back to enjoying your day and the start of your new life as a married couple.

Of course we could do any type of photos you ask me to do, I am your photographer not the other way around, so if at any point, whether at the pre wedding meeting or during the day itself, if feel like posing or doing some sort of photo, you just grab me and we will do it :) no problem there, never be afraid to ask me of that...

Children at wedding in Devon
Bride & Groom over a bridge posing at their Devon wedding venue



"'s suppose to be a happy occasion" - never forget :)

Groom kisses bride at wedding

See? - we do some posing as well...

So, wait, how does this work exactly?


Step 1: If you like my style of photography and are interested in booking us for your wedding please book a wedding consultation in our studio or via Zoom.

Here is a quick link for that: Book a Consultation


We will talk and talk and if you would want to go ahead you book your day with us. Hurray!!! (subject to a non refundable 10% deposit)

Step 2: You do everything else, sorry but helping with choosing a dress etc' is not really our area of expertise :) However we are building a recommended suppliers list at the moment, so stay tuned for that...


Step 3: About 8 weeks before the wedding we have another chat about everything, now with more detail as you would probably know more about how the day will look like and what is planned on the day. We can discuss a few more times after this if you want - there really isn't any limit :)

Step 4: On the day, I will meet you for perp photos or directly at the ceremony, depending on what you asked for. From there I will accompany you throughout the day until the first dance or shortly after, depending on the package you booked what we agreed beforehand.

Step 5: Once the weeding is over I will go over the photos (usually over 3,000 of them) and will choose the best ones (up to 1,000), edit them and upload them to your gallery where you can view & download in high and low resolution.


Step 6: You give us an awesome review on Google and make us very happy :):):) 

Wedding couple confetti


Thank you for considering our pricing options.

We are pleased to offer three distinct packages that are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Our packages are designed to provide exceptional value and benefits.

We invite you to visit our pricing options to explore the details of each package and select the one that best suits your requirements.

If you need any help with understanding the difference between the packages, you are most welcome to contact us directly or book yourself a free wedding consultation.

Wedding Table set up



  • Fully insured & experienced wedding photographer

  • Up to 8 Hours coverage

  • Online Gallery

  • Up to 1,000 fully edited photos

  • Printing rights - anywhere anytime No extra charge for any photo printed anywhere.




Same as the Classic package with these additional changes:​​

  • Up to 10 hours coverage​​

Plus the following:​

  • All photos on USB stick shaped like a heart jewellery​

  • Prep meeting at venue if necessary​

  • 50 6"x4" prints​

  • 10 8"x6" prints​

  • 1 16"x12" canvas




Same as the Emerald package with these additional changes:​

  • 100 6"x4" prints​

  • 20 8"x6" prints​

  • 1 24"x16" canvas​

Plus the following:​

  • Engagement photoshoot:

Up to 2 hours photoshoot in studio or on location​

  • 40"x30" Wedding album made in Italy


Made where?
Yes, our wedding albums are made in Italy

3 Wedding albums open
2 wedding albums open

Yes, you can make your own album online. No you don't have to use our services for that. 

However, if you don't have the time, or expertise to design your own album, we are here for you. Also, our albums are hand made in Italy, and are not available for the public.

These are high quality albums like only the Italians can make. 

They are completely customisable and comes as standard with a hard box to keep your album secure for generations.

With your album you will also receive 4 parents books & a calendar at no extra cost.

If you want to showcase and view your perfect day for years to come at the highest quality - these wedding albums are for you.

Contact us today for more info. Available as as part of a wedding package or as a stand alone if you already had your wedding. 

wedding album open

Thanks for submitting!

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